What do I do with this check?

How the check is handled varies by circumstances. Sometimes, if your mortgage company is a local bank, certain branches can endorse the check for you. Other times, it may be necessary to mail the check to the mortgage company. Regardless, your project manager will guide you through the necessary steps.

My insurance company suggested I get three estimates and send them in. Do I really need to do this?

No, you are not required to get three estimates. You are allowed to choose whichever contractor you want to complete the work on your property. Cox Residential will provide your insurance company with our damage assessment and answer any questions they may have about recommended repairs. Generally, your only out-of-pocket expense will be your insurance deductible. Cox Residential will complete the final approved scope at the price authorized by the insurance company/adjuster.

My project manager referred to completing my work "per insurance proceeds." What does this mean?

Chances are, we use the same estimating software and pricing as your insurance company. So, once the final scope of work is authorized by insurance, Cox Residential is able to perform that work for the insurance company pricing. This is a great convenience for our customers because it streamlines the repair process.

My project manager wants me to sign a "change order." What is this?

Initially, your adjuster will authorize a scope of work to complete the repairs to your home. Sometimes, this estimate may change in scope and cost during construction due to mis-measurement of materials, discovery of additional damage once construction begins, or other unforeseen issues. When this happens, your project manager will submit a change order to the insurance company, which informs them of the changes to the scope of your job. This is standard procedure and is expected by the insurance companies. Any additional funds released due to a change order are considered part of the job cost, and are due to Cox Residential just like any other insurance payment.

My adjuster denied paying the claim I filed. What do I do?

You can request a re-adjustment and have your project manager present when the adjuster reassesses your damage. Your project manager will ensure that any and all claim-related damage is pointed out to the adjuster. If the claim is denied a second time, please look into the appeal/grievance policy of your insurance company, or we can refer you to other industry professionals who may be able to assist in working with your insurance company to obtain coverage for your damages. Your construction agreement with Cox Residential is contingent upon insurance approval and no work will be done without insurance approval so you will not be liable for any payment in this case.